Friday, January 11, 2008

Donate and Contact

To everyone who has the grace to make a donation to The Automatic Earth: we want you to know that we are truly grateful to you. Donations really help.

There are two ways to donate to The Automatic Earth.

You can send cash, a check or money order to the following name and address (NOTE: please write the check to the name Paula Hatfield, not to "The Automatic Earth"):

Paula Hatfield
8405 Kansas River Drive
Austin, Texas

To make a donation through Paypal, use the form on the front page or click on the button to the left. Again, thank you.

NOTE: There seems to be a possible glitch with PayPal for American citizens: the form on our PayPal page lists provinces instead of states after you select United States as the country. We are looking into this.

Meanwhile, the best option to circumvent this glitch would be to first set up an account at PayPal, and come back to our Donate page after that.

To contact The Automatic Earth, send an email to

Please note that:

• We don't give investment advice, other than in very general terms.

• For 95% of all topics, the comments sections in our daily posts are a better place than email; and our time has its limits.

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